Christmas in Olympic Village

Christmas in Olympic Village

Dear friends! Everyone’s beloved “Olympic Village” is ready to meet you at Christmas!

And so that you can relax as much as possible, we take all the hassle of organizing a warm and family celebration for yourself. Accommodation in a warm and cozy chalet on the shore of a snow-covered lake in silence and comfort, a Christmas dinner and, optionally, a heated bathhouse with a tub!

And for the full atmosphere of magic, we can lay a table in a restaurant near the fireplace right on Lake Panton!

The Christmas menu includes:
– Kutya
– The vinaigrette
– Caesar with salmon
– Barrel pickles
– Meat platter
– Vegetable glade
– Herring spiced salted
– Stuffed cabbage with mushrooms stewed in the oven
– Homemade dumplings with cabbage
– Fragrant mushroom soup
– Fricassee of pike perch
– Dorado baked with herbs on the grill
– Grilled vegetables
– Baked apples
– Uzvar

The cost of living in the CHALET for 4 people with dinner costs 6900 UAH., COTTAGE for 6 people with dinner – 9100 UAH.

All questions and bookings accept:
?Тел: 067 230 36 36