Birthday in the Olympic Village!

Birthday always welcome in the Olympic Village!

After all, we have a discount Happy Birthday – 25% on the menu banquet in the period from 1:01 on 04.31.2019!
We invite you to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and to carry out smart Birthday Party here.
We not only incredibly delicious, but always active and fun.

Moreover, we invite you to create a real holiday and stay with the guests in the cottage or chalet with a 10% discount on accommodation.
On the morning after the banquet enjoyed a wonderful breakfast made from natural farm products. And many more opportunities for your company, you advance or in the course of carrying out can be ordered:
* bathhouse
* Access to the spa area
* Organize a sports tournament of squash or tennis and much more.

When pre-negotiation capability sporting quests and cooking classes for adults

For ordering and advice:
Banquet menus: +38 067 230 36 36
Reservation of accommodation: +38 067 219 36 36
Administration: +38 067 656 36 36
More information about our complex:
We are: Kiev, Novoobukhovskaya highway, Olympic 1

We are waiting for you and your merry company!