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Love Fall in love! Do sports!

The most romantic holiday offers the most beautiful gifts.
And you should not even think about it, because Olympic Village has already thought out all the details for you – the 2nd club card -30%.

When you purchase a full annual club card, you also get:
– day of rest in a chalet for 4 (except for holidays – New Year, etc.);
– 5 hours rental of tennis courts;
– 20 hours rental squash courts;
– 5 personal trainings in all directions (gym, swimming pool, squash, # tennis, Pilates, Trx, body ballet, football, etc.);
– 3 guest visits for relatives and friends;
– in summer free entry to the beach.

Make a gift to your loved one for Valentine’s Day!
The promotion is valid from 25.01 to 14.02 inclusive!

All questions and card design accept:
? 0676563636
Email: info.olimpicvillage@gmail.com

Address: Kiev, Novoobukhovskoye Highway, Olympic 1

Water has always been considered capable of purifying and protecting, and on the great holiday of Vodokresch it acquires a special power, which it stores throughout the year.

In the suburban complex “Olympic Village” after the prayer service, all guests had the opportunity to enjoy the freshness of the renewed water – to plunge into the traditional ice-hole. A wonderful addition to the Epiphany in the “Olympic Village” became the SPA, the bath, the bath, the most delicious dishes of our restaurant and the excellent mood.

All services and activities that take place in our complex entail exclusively a sea of ​​positive emotions and good health.

Come to us at the address: Kiev, Novoobukhovskoye Highway, Olympic 1 to see for yourself.

Are you looking for a place for bathing at Epiphany in Kiev …

January 19 at 14:00 Epiphany bathing in the Olympic Village!
Have you already decided where to dip?

This year – 19.01 father will be at 12-00 in the Olympic Village!

Epiphany bathing is a religious family rite. This Slavic tradition not only heals and tones your body, but also warmly unites those who participate in it! Do you want to hold a celebration with loved ones, relax with benefit and get a lot of positive emotions?

What awaits you:
• Epiphany celebration
• Consecration of the hole
• Traditional tea party
• Tsar’s ear
• Barbecue
• Dishes on the grill
• Mead and hrenovuha
• Sea of ​​mulled wine
• Entertainment

Spend a wonderful family holiday in Olympic Village!
We are waiting for you and your loved ones!

Tabata in Kiev! Where? Of course, in the Olympic Village!

Immediately after the New Year holidays, it’s time to turn on and strengthen the training process.
Champagne, Olivier and fur coat is beautiful. But even better, if they do not affect your figure!

Come on the taboo. This highly effective, interval, group training will help disperse the metabolism, burn extra calories, start the body’s healing processes.

Our new coach, Pavel Kondakov, will competently combine push-ups, squats, swings, lunges, and others. An exercise that is so necessary in building a beautiful physique.

Contact details:

?  +38 067 656 36 36
?  Info.Olimpicvillage@gmail.com

Birthday always welcome in the Olympic Village!

After all, we have a discount Happy Birthday – 25% on the menu banquet in the period from 1:01 on 04.31.2019!
We invite you to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and to carry out smart Birthday Party here.
We not only incredibly delicious, but always active and fun.

Moreover, we invite you to create a real holiday and stay with the guests in the cottage or chalet with a 10% discount on accommodation.
On the morning after the banquet enjoyed a wonderful breakfast made from natural farm products. And many more opportunities for your company, you advance or in the course of carrying out can be ordered:
* bathhouse
* Access to the spa area
* Organize a sports tournament of squash or tennis and much more.

When pre-negotiation capability sporting quests and cooking classes for adults

For ordering and advice:
Banquet menus: +38 067 230 36 36
Reservation of accommodation: +38 067 219 36 36
Administration: +38 067 656 36 36
More information about our complex: olympicvillage.com.ua
We are: Kiev, Novoobukhovskaya highway, Olympic 1

We are waiting for you and your merry company!