Country complex for recreation and sports

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Swimming pool
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Anastasia Boyko
Swimming pool
  • 3 years
    Works in our team
  • 18 years
    She is engaged in swimming
  • Multiple champion of the youth championships of Ukraine
    on a swim
  • Amateurs are trained for health, experienced swimmers prepare for competitions.
  • Deals with adults and children
Gazhaman Evgeny
Fitness and Bodybuilding Trainer
  • 3 years
    Works in our team
  • Many years
  • Graduated from Grand Crossfit Dog School
    and Specialists
  • Helps achieve better results in short
    term under the personal program
  • Develop for you an individual system
    workouts on the result
Bogdan Pomaz
MMR swimming
  • 3 years
    Works in our team
  • 18 years
    She is engaged in swimming
  • Winner of the championships of Ukraine in swimming, 3rd place
    at the All-Ukrainian Universiade 2011
  • Member of the International Athletic Fishing Association
    ( International Game Fish Association)
  • Trains adults and children, helps get rid of the fear of water
Alexey Pinkevich
Black Belt Winner 3 Dan
  • 3 years
    Works in our team
  • 18 years
    Engaged in martial arts
  • Global Federation Certified Trainer Taekwondo (GTF)
  • Champion of Kiev and Ukraine in taekwondo 2011-2013, medalist of European and World Taekwondo Championships
  • Developed unique developmental training
    for babies 5-8 years old - Baby Taekwon-do
Evgeny Konstantinovsky
Tennis coach
  • Graduate of the German Academy of Tennis
  • Prize-winner of the USSR Cup
  • Member of the national team of Ukraine
  • MS USSR, Ukraine, Germany
Kondakov Pavel
coach for swimming
  • 5 years
    experience as a coach
  • MS
    on summer polyathlon
  • Teaches recreational swimming
  • Prepares to compete in the pool
  • Участник ряда тренингов, семинаров и фитнес конвенций
  • Автор двух методик организации тренировочного процесса
  • TRX, Tabata, Interval, Functional, ABT, ABS, Upper body, TABS, Ideal Body, 90-60-90, Stretching
  • Физ. подготовка для профессиональных спортсменов легко атлетов, футболистов, теннисистов.
  • Возможны персональные и групповые тренировки по всем направлениям
Bakuta Diana
Tennis coach
  • Мастер спорта Украины
  • обучается в Любленском университет Винцента Поля( Польша) специальность тренер
  • Тренировалась в академии Top tennis город Фридланд- на- Остравице (Чехия)
  • Тренировалась в Elite tennis Academy
  • Многократная победительница всеукраинских соревнований, а так же победитель Чемпионата Украины по взрослым 2018 года.
  • Многократная участница ITF турниров.
  • Подготовка детей, спортсменов по специальной программе с индивидуальным подходом используя психологические знания и навыки.
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